Tatiana Diaz

I'm a certified PDF proofreader who can help you produce the cleanest copy.


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Proofreading for court reporters

I understand being on a tight schedule and meeting deadlines, so my priority as a PDF proofreader is meeting the deadline without sacrificing quality. I have the systems in place to adhere to your deadline and weed out the typos and punctuation issues so you can feel confident that your job is error-free.


PDF Proofreading

Annotating a PDF is quick, easy to return, and easy on the environment. That's why I prefer to use a PDF annotator to proofread. I can also convert .txt files to .pdf.

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My Resources

I use The Gregg Reference Manual, Margie Wakeman Wells's Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation, the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and a slew of grammar and punctuation books to back up my proofreading when needed.

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Quick Turnaround

A proofreader who understands the importance of deadlines and a tight schedule — that's a precious thing. If for some reason I can't take on the job or I suspect it will take me longer than you need, I will let you know timely so you don't miss a beat.



  • Clean Job — The transcript should be scoped and turn-in ready.
  • PDF Transcript — Please send the job via email and in .pdf or .txt format. I will convert it to .pdf and return just the annotated pages.
  • Extra Charges — I will charge an additional $.10 per page if the job is not turn-in ready, or has not been scoped and has an excessive amount of errors. If that's the case, I will send an email to the reporter so we are in agreement prior to charging or continuing work on that job.
  • 200+ Pages — For transcripts over 200 pages, please send the job in 50-page increments. We can work simultaneously to get the job done quicker.
  • Lines — These rates are for pages up to 25 lines (standard page).


  • Payments — I accept payments via Wave, Zelle, or PayPal. The invoice will be sent through Wave.
  • Billing — Existing clients will be billed on the 1st of the month and payment will be due in 15 days. New clients will be billed immediately after the job is submitted and due upon receipt.


  • Referral — If I am referred to another reporter from an existing client, I will discount the existing client's next job by 15%.


(48-72 hours)


(24-48 hours)


(< 24 hours)

Proofreading — No Audio




Proofreading — Audio




HI There!

Billboards, flyers, documents, websites, books — you name it, I've found typos. I want to help you avoid those mistakes in your copy. Whether you're a court reporter looking for a clean transcript to turn in or a blogger looking to clean up their posts, I can help you produce an error-free copy of your work.

As an avid reader and innately curious person, I enjoy understanding grammar and why a sentence is written as it is. I also like finding typos in writing. It's one of those “makes my soul happy” kind of things. I’m passionate about the written word and helping people put their best work forward. Allow me to help with your next job. I know we'll make a great team.


Here's what others are saying about my work. Let's work together!

Odeliz C.

"Eagle-Eye has helped me with many projects: essays, resumes, even with editing a letter to immigration. Not only does she pay attention to detail, she returned my work corrected in record-breaking time. She has saved me more times than I can count. The woman is a genius."

Natassia S.

"Tatiana is a true editing marvel! She’s edited many documents for me. From professional letters to resumes, cover letters, and more. She really goes above and beyond. 100% recommend her for all your writing needs!"

Erica M.

"Tatiana made everything so much easier for me by reviewing and revising. Such a headache. It doesn’t have to be if you go with Tatiana."

Tyler S.

"Tatiana’s magic in proofreading documents, letters, resumes, etc., will put you right into a comma, period. Her work is amazing and I’ve loved the time, care and focus that she has put into paying attention to every detail."

Other services

General Proofreading

Student Studying Online Courses in the Computer

I'm proficient in AP style writing and have proofed anything from articles to website content and everything in between.

Spanish proofreading

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Spanish is tricky with its accents, tildes, and diaeresis. They're what make the language rich, but they’re no match for my eagle eyes.

Please email me for detailed rates on general or Spanish proofreading.

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Contact me

(904) 894-0204


Jacksonville, Florida